Deep Surfaces
Overpass, Dupage River, Lisle, 2013
Deep Surfaces is a project begun in 2012 to study the effects of time passing on surfaces around us, including asphalt, paint, cement, and metal, and to translate this elemental process to textiles.

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2016 Works on Paper and Ceramics
Surface, graphite and charcoal on cream paper, 18 x 24," March 2016.

During the spring I worked on a number of different rubbing and coloring techniques involving graphite sticks and powder, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels applied to paper laid over found objects and surfaces, including many small, 6 x 6" trials, some below.
Surface Images and Experiments, 2013 - 2015
Image from the magical parking lot, south Loop, November 2014
Image from the magical parking lot, 2, south Loop, November 2014
Image from the magical parking lot, 3, south Loop, November 2014
Grief, painted cotton batik fabrics, cotton gauze, cotton and silk fibers, 43 x 48," November 2013
Enclose, 10 x 15", linen and burlap fibers, linen thread, bees wax, ashes on linen laid on cotton paper.  2013
ice, leaf, cement, December 2013
snowmelt and red dot, december 2013
Disconnect, snow on asphalt, December 2013
Unknown Knowns, snow on asphalt, December 2013
Asphalt, June 2013
Moon, cement, June 2013
Moon, latex paint, cat litter, on cement, June 2013
Wing, study for unfinished quilt, September 2013
Where the Sidewalk Ends, 2013
Equinox, cotton, linen, silk fabrics, silk thread, 16 x 27" October 2013
Textile, 18 x 20", hand dyed cotton, linen, canvas, silk; cotton thread. May 2013.
Pilgrimage, asphalt, tar on cement, 2013
Black Canyon, cement, asphalt, paint, 2013
Bleeding, 18 x 24", cotton fabric, cotton thread, glass beads. May 2013
Asphalt and Storm Sewer, October 2013
Asphalt, 12 x16", cotton fabric, cotton thread. May 2013